Top Definition
The street name for rapper Pitbill, as he puts the C back in cRap.
Pitbull thinks he can sing, he's really just a full of shitbull.
by dmow September 23, 2009
(shit bull) is used like bullshit
"are u shitbullin me u bitch"
by yunis March 07, 2004
A person who commonly spews bullshit.
Man, that guy's a regular shitbull!
by We Are Anonymous November 12, 2014
a dog of half shizu and half bulldog
o my god the shitbull is shagging a cat!!
by wankapigeon February 16, 2005
shitbull is lke bullshit
are u shitbulling me u bith
by gorge March 07, 2004
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