Top Definition
something of inferior quality or a person or pet worthy of little regard
Tahoe (pet dog), stop pissin on the rug you little shitbreather!
by Benjamin Giggles January 27, 2003
someone thats breath smells like they just a a pound of baby shit.
i woke up in the morning next to my boyfriend and i was like " damn boo you must be a shit breather!"
by Chloe is orgasmic January 14, 2011
some one who is a complete fucking fag, and likes to smoke shit
Mike: Man Matt, you are a complete shit breather, why dont you go fuck yourself
by Mike September 05, 2004
One who has fellated a shitcock.
Ben just sucked my shit cock. That kid is such a shitbreather.
by Anonymous January 28, 2003
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