one who is not worthy of being actual shit
you're not even're the bones in shit
by sharon March 08, 2005
Top Definition
The hard, living, calcareous tissue constituting the skeletal framework of, and present in all mammels' feces, which provides strength and support to the shitlog.
When Tommy shat off the edge of the lookout tower, his fat steaming blacklog fell 100 feet to the ground. The impact splattered the turd, clearly splitting the shitlog's shitbone.
by HC Greenly December 31, 2006
the single piece of evidence that screws you over
AWWWW, thats my shit bone!
by WDFA June 16, 2011
when a guy and girl are having annel sex and the girl shits on the guys boner.
T gave C a shitbone.
by yank June 23, 2006
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