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extremely drunk to the point where you do not even remember your own name.
Mike: "Dude, I don't even know my own name right now man. I'm just here man!"

Dave: "Dude, you're pretty shitbasket right now. Let me drive you home"
by Mr. Dave'O May 05, 2007
Yet another reference to the toilet bowl which you use for your daily (I hope) cleansing.
Evan: So then she said... (blah blah blah)
Karl: Wait! Hold that thought, I gotta go to the Shit Basket!
by Comrade Karl April 12, 2005
1. The opposite of a gift basket. A basket of crappy gifts that nobody wants.

2. In fantasy football, it refers to a quality for quantity trade. One player offers multiple crappy players for a quality one.
1. I put 50 dollar into that raffle and ended up winning a shit basket.

2. Listen to this shit basket that JD offered me! He offered Hassleback, Avant, and Spiller for Chris Johnson. I'd never accept that shit!
by CowboyDebop December 08, 2010
The name given to scrap baskets at many large nursing home kitchens that have a somat run-off system.
They are called shit baskets because after many uses they start to smell verry bad and often gether alot of junk in them. They are also hard to reach so people ignore them.
Originated at a nursing home in Newtown, Pa.
Drew, did you get Shit Baskets yet?" "Hell no! They smell like a dirty spanish guy who works todays a week!
by ntrotiyi November 29, 2010
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