brown nipples on an hispanic/african woman...typically referred to as shitballs, or a white woman who sunbathes naked and burns her nipples to a crisp brown, hence the name shitballs
My girlfriend has shitballs the size of whoppers!
by Don Vito B. July 27, 2006
small dangle-berry like artifices protruding from the hair follicles of the external anal sphincter
Before beginning the prostate examination, Dr Lin proceeded to clear teh shitballs from David's anus.
by max lin November 07, 2003
When You Have Anal Sex And Her Ass His So Looser Your Balls Become Engulfed In Poop.
I Was Ass Fucking This Ho And Got Mad Shitballs.
by Brent March 31, 2005
When you are spewing diarrhea and it splashes in the water and covers your testicles.
Last night I was taking a crap and got the shit balls.
by Bazerk November 03, 2015
Similar to fuck balls, it's something you don't want your 4 year old to say
4 year old: SHIT BALLS!!
You: nooooooooo!
by Meepster April 15, 2015

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