Little clumps of shit that get stuck in your asshole and they are very annoying.
Damn, These shitballs are bothering me.
by Ethan Deitrich October 12, 2003
A typical Father/Male. Meaning: complete assholes. They are total jerks, fags that like to wank themselves at night, moaning to the sound of a grandmas sleeping. They love to make their kids unhappy, suicidal, and just plain ashamed of their own fathers. They pillow boys. They have no dick, because they are homos'.
"Look at that Shitball over there, he thinks that nobody sees him pissing behind that tree."

"DAMN! He has no penis! Thats what you call a Shitball."
by CheySteph June 11, 2009
what u say when Ms. Perrone wakes up to find that you are giving her dirty grass
Damn she woke up, shit balls !
by Greg Romano November 27, 2004
A virus so serious that cannot be removed. (Even the FBI and M15 cannot identify what the offending letters stand for.) It will send you spam messages of porn, and popups of naked men, women, and children will frequently appear and invade your computer screen.
*clicks on a link*
OMFG, i just clicked on shitballs, FUCK!
by ren preston November 20, 2008
A frozen piece of doody shaped (usually by hand)like a ball.

The are DEEELISH!!!
I got a tummy ache from staying up all night eating shitballs!
by shitball September 10, 2003
when you take a shit and you accedentaly shit on your balls.
"I went to sandies for diner and when i went to the bathroom i got the worst case of shit balls "
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