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An exclamation of anger, frustration, tiredness, or sometimes even joy. Shit Balls can be taken to mean one of two things:

1) Balls or testicles that are coated or encrusted in shit.

2) Small amounts of feces clumped into balls
Larry: Sorry man, I can't give you a ride today.

Ricky: Aw, Shit Balls! Now I have to walk!

Larry: Suck one.
by Larry Finster December 26, 2009
33 8
A word that makes the word shit more powerful
Damn it bill you made us miss the bus, Ah shit balls now were gonna be late
by Bunz41 March 27, 2008
51 27
An exclamation of intense displeasure indicating an extremely sucky occurrence or situation.

When something is tragically unfortunate.

For example:

"That was Shit Balls man!"
"Shit Balls?"
"Ya, you know, that really sucks! Like when you wipe your ass the wrong way, and then later on - when your girlfriend is going down on you, she stops. Because you have shit on your balls.
"That was unfortunate."
by Dirt_Bag February 06, 2008
54 30
A sad pathetic excuse for a sport, that Americans have the audacity to call Football. It has men mostly fat asses, wearing plastic suits of armor and a helmet. they throw a ball that looks like a giant piece of shit, hence the name. They run around a maximum of 3 minutes, and then get tackled or score a touch down. This makes them feel like men, when in reality actual men play, crazy men that is play Rugby, the sport it's based on. If these fat asses had to play Actual football, where the players run continuously for 45 minutes, most of them would either die or faint from exhaustion.
that's not football, that's shitball.
by joeasffdhgtjaa December 01, 2007
104 86
Origin: a guy named Fuji. It doesn't mean anything. It describes a feeling of anger or the term damnit.
You're trying to do something and you fuck up in the middle of it and you say:
Fuji: shit balls.

then you proceed to try again.
by FuJi March 07, 2005
85 67
something you say when you make an oopsy daisy
oh shit balls my poptart dropped.
by JKS208 November 20, 2009
22 11
1. When you start to poop a solid turd and then a massive explosion of diarrhea shoots out...kind of like a bomb.

2. Shitball can also be used in a burst of exasperation.
1. Friend 1: Man this bathroom smells like poo

Friend 2: Yeah I wouldn't recommend going in the first stall...that Taco Bell last night really gave me a shitball.

2. Shitball! I just cut my finger!
by Titless Cher October 31, 2008
22 14