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A typical Father/Male. Meaning: complete assholes. They are total jerks, fags that like to wank themselves at night, moaning to the sound of a grandmas sleeping. They love to make their kids unhappy, suicidal, and just plain ashamed of their own fathers. They pillow boys. They have no dick, because they are homos'.
"Look at that Shitball over there, he thinks that nobody sees him pissing behind that tree."

"DAMN! He has no penis! Thats what you call a Shitball."
by CheySteph June 11, 2009
explitive; explaining great frustration or fright
As Dan was smoking a fat marijuana joint he quickly saw his father enter his house and exclaimed "oh, shitballs".
by cliff December 06, 2002
derived from english shit. exclamation used when proclaming excitement or grief combined with excitement. good but bad.
1) HOLY SHIT BALLS! I can't believe he just did that!
by Mallory and Patricia May 26, 2004
An exlamation one cries out when they REALLY screw up.
On the way back home from the grocery store, Betty looked in the backseat of her car and realized she had left her four-year-old son in the carraige... way back at the store.

"Oh, shitballs!" She cried.
by Lisa V June 03, 2005
Slang term used in the incident of getting fucked, to say when one is going to get in trouble.
"Oh shitballs, I didn't know that was your sandwich."
by Hoolio, King of Nothing July 30, 2003
When a guy wipes from back to front after taking a crap and gets shit on his balls.
OH CRAP!!! I wiped the wrong way. Now I have Shit Balls.
by Ferret79 June 05, 2007
General statement of amazement or disgust.
"Holy shitballs, Jim! Did you see her ass?"


"Holy shitballs, those are some nasty-ass pubes."
by Justin Herbert July 18, 2007
A low-life loser; degenerate.
What a shitball! He killed his family!
by staccato brainstem February 12, 2005