A shit talker, douche bag, rat fuck soldier in the Army National Guard. Who thinks he is the most high speed troop in the whole theater of operation. Just because he plays call of duty 4 and reads every military storybook amazon has available. Some one who fakes in order to get a purple heart, CAB ( combat action badge ), Bronze star or army comendation medal.
Did gunner realy earn that CAB? No bro he cut holes in his canopy cover, he was never shot at what a shit bag!

Hey did Dever realy earn that purple heart? No Bro he just snivled about a scratch he got gettin out of the truck, what a shit bag!
by The Prospect May 03, 2008
A bag full of shit

Someone who is a complete gary martin or david reid, possibly both rolled into one...
Gary and david pretending to be tough when they are actually fucking each other constantly with a 10" purple dildo since they dont have penis' between them
by TWONY WITH A T, YOU COCKFACE March 02, 2003
Large, saggy breasts, usually very droopy and unattractively adorned with stretch marks, veins, and large areolas.
Damn, look at the shit bags on that bitch!
by Mr. Bubblehead March 22, 2005
My friend Marvin is a Doudexteroxicatosiswankerist he wanks with both hands and feels like hes having a twosome .. He has bad breath too :)
by PiffChuck May 30, 2003
a bag filled with poop used to offend people as stupid
he is a real shitbag sometimes
by solemgrundt August 30, 2015
A person that is seemingly nice in the beginning of a relationship but ends up cheating, abusing (both physically and verbally), and showing complete degradation of one's significant other. Usually has intellectual capacity and most likely works a simple job requiring little responsibility possibly in the military. Someon who purposefully breaks multiple laws and expects to get away with them only to act shocked when caught. Shows great laziness in most cases and little drive to do better in life.
Hey that fire fighter is a shit-bag he gets off every other day but refuses to use that free time to better himself or work a second job.
by Iyadsyas September 29, 2015
1. A person who lies so much shit comes out of his mouth when he talks
2. A guy who cheats on his pregnant wife
That Steve is a total fucking shitbag dirtwad
by Bfruz32 February 09, 2015

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