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When you shit on your balls, and then tea bag someone.
Mark passed out so I decided to give him a shit bag
by D_sanchez51 July 05, 2010
25 26
a VERY commonly used military term that refers to an individual that is incapable of preforming the simpliest of tasks or instructions. Closely related to a buddy fucker, this individual is worthless, a drain on the squad/platoon, and is usually the guy that gets pushed onto the grenade.
Private Justin Dunham is a worthless foot powder mailing, locker tipping, model tank breaking shitbag, and the fact he is getting married and going to reproduce frightens me.
by kassfactor March 23, 2009
4 5
Trailer trash that sits around all day experimenting with drugs.
Wow, Shitbag is doing drugs, what a surprise.
by DM, CF November 11, 2005
30 31
cowardly yellow
look at that shitbag run
by STEPHO July 07, 2003
7 8
Someone whos general apperance or actions are subpair or lacking any initiative improve.
shitbag or shitbags commonly used in military to describe others that are unsatisfactory. That guy is a fucking shitbag; he is always sitting around.
by craigizzla February 18, 2006
1 3
One who is shady, or does things with the sole intention of keeping it from their close friends.
"Dude, just tell me what happened. Dont be such a shitbag!"
by Drew July 07, 2003
3 5
Someone who disrupts the peace amongst communications on XboxLive
Yogi: Shut up you dumb shitbag.
by Yogi Bear101 December 03, 2009
1 4