large, low hanging breasts.
Look at the shit bags on that crusty hippy. That bitch should get a bra!
by Withy August 11, 2010
When you shit on your balls, and then tea bag someone.
Mark passed out so I decided to give him a shit bag
by D_sanchez51 July 05, 2010
a VERY commonly used military term that refers to an individual that is incapable of preforming the simpliest of tasks or instructions. Closely related to a buddy fucker, this individual is worthless, a drain on the squad/platoon, and is usually the guy that gets pushed onto the grenade.
Private Justin Dunham is a worthless foot powder mailing, locker tipping, model tank breaking shitbag, and the fact he is getting married and going to reproduce frightens me.
by kassfactor March 23, 2009
Baggy cotton joggin' pants that hang extremely low on gangsta rappers and wiggers. Usually worn with Beige Timberland boots and one pant leg pulled up to the knee. They have the appearance of something a horse might wear in the city.
"Look at those Shitbags...!!"
by pierogiking November 16, 2007
A person who has died whilst attempting a cheap thing in a video game, or who has simply been embarrassed.
Pedro: That's right, shitbag.


Get owned, you f***in shitbag.
by PicnicBasket December 03, 2009
When something is so grossly shitty, you need more emphasis than just exclaiming a simple "shit" . See also, shitbags or shitarded.
Holy shitbag, I feel like I'm going to puke
by AshMil123 February 14, 2008
1) a bag of shit that is usually represnted as a person.
that dude is a shitbag.
by Enrique18 October 02, 2007

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