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1. A colostomy bag.
2. A container into which one defecates into.
1. Watch out for grandpa's shitbag when you go to hug him!
2. No I can't pull over.. Use a shitbag!
by FKR February 25, 2003
A bag used for storing manure
Gucci mane make a nigga wear a shitbag
by DrinkMoreWater August 03, 2011
: a phrase pertaining to a group of individuals with an inflated view of self worth. Usually found driving an expensive two-door with either a cell-phone or bluetooth earpiece to thier ear going way too slow in the fast lane. They can also be found without a cell-phone or bluetooth going about 90mph (anywhere) and honking at your grandma if she get in his way.
"hey, put the fucking phone down and push the little pedal on the right you fucking Shit Bag"!
by strongdynamics January 26, 2008
Used in the context of playing Fifa football game. The term given when a player chooses to pass the ball across the field of play to score a goal rather than take a shot at goal.
That goal Callum Moffat just scored was an absolute shitbag goal.

Your such a shit bag Callum for playing that shitbag goal
by enemynumber1 April 30, 2012
A useless apprentice and or foreman that doesn't know shit from clay about the job that he or she is doing!!!!
Tim aka Botski
Moustafa the terrorist
Daniel aka Brazza
Or all better known as SHITBAGS...
And any other useless apprentice/foreman
by GOD of GODS November 04, 2006
1. A really jerky person.
2. An empty plastic bag that has been shit in. Usually a potato chip bag or grocery bag. (Also a variant of a poopsock)
3. Dog poop bag.
"He's such a shitbag!"
"I had to use a shitbag during a level grinding session."
"Throw away this shitbag, ok?"
by Paperpaper22 November 23, 2013
1. Any one person who lacks the effort, common sense, or skill to accomplish that which is the most basic task.
2. A lazy individual who refuses to move from their current location to finish a task
3. Private First Class Davis
4. Private First Class Johnson
Johnson- "Hey, did you order the pizza?"
Davis- "Well I tried, but I just stayed on hold...."
Johnson- "You shitbag...."


Davis- "Hey, do you wanna come down to the Troop Store with us to get some chow?"
Johnson- "No, I'm laying down..."
Davis- "You shitbag...."
by Renegadeangel92 July 16, 2011