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Def. Military. : 1) a) a very lazy person b) one who deceptively hides their lack of work or effort
What shitbag forgot to paint behind the furniture?
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
a person who is just filled with shit
jon: yo i can kik ur ass
Alex: yeah wat ever
an hour later (jon on floor bleeding and crying)
jon: told u i can kik ur ass
Alex: STFU u shitbag
by *T*TheGhost*G* March 05, 2007
an idiot, someone who doesnt respect other people, an asshole, a total jerk, someone who is useless, dumbass.

tom cruise is so useless.
ya he's such a shitbag!
by blackbird13 February 18, 2007
Someone whos general apperance or actions are subpair or lacking any initiative improve.
shitbag or shitbags commonly used in military to describe others that are unsatisfactory. That guy is a fucking shitbag; he is always sitting around.
by craigizzla February 18, 2006
A person who is full of shit mentally and physically.
When a person is acting like a complete idiot you want to knock the shit out of them like a bag of shit.
Hansel is a real ShitBag, look at how he is acting. That ShitBag should have is ass removed.
by KylinHuxley August 24, 2005
Using a badly kept vehicle to drive it around and do things you would never do with your normal car.
Lets go shitbaggin though the bush with that Celica!
by lone March 01, 2005
A chav, charver or scally under the age of about 12. Worse than adult specimens because they know the child protection laws better than the average lawyer, and hence giving one of the little darlings the dry slap he/she so richly deserves will land you in court faster than you can say "knocked off PlayStation".
Look at that little shitbag
by postie April 04, 2004
One who's last name starts with Strux and end in ness...
Struxness is a total shitbag!!!!
by Sammy August 12, 2003

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