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Def. Military. : 1) a) a very lazy person b) one who deceptively hides their lack of work or effort
What shitbag forgot to paint behind the furniture?
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
Trailer trash that sits around all day experimenting with drugs.
Wow, Shitbag is doing drugs, what a surprise.
by DM, CF November 11, 2005
one who cannot repay debts, bills, favors, etc.
"That shitbag over there still owes my ass 100 bucks."

"I helped that shitbag out, and now I cant even get a hello?"
by a bill collector September 30, 2003
cowardly yellow
look at that shitbag run
by STEPHO July 07, 2003
When you shit on your balls, and then tea bag someone.
Mark passed out so I decided to give him a shit bag
by D_sanchez51 July 05, 2010
A person who has died whilst attempting a cheap thing in a video game, or who has simply been embarrassed.
Pedro: That's right, shitbag.


Get owned, you f***in shitbag.
by PicnicBasket December 03, 2009
A bag of shit or some shit in a bag.
Dude: "Ewww!, What the fuck?!?! It smells like a shitbag in here!"
by PrinceT August 02, 2009
A cowardly person. Someone who makes out they are tough but are actually scared of any kind of confrontation.
That bloke thinks he's hard but he's a little shitbag.
by hail odin November 10, 2008