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Def. Military. : 1) a) a very lazy person b) one who deceptively hides their lack of work or effort
What shitbag forgot to paint behind the furniture?
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
Used in the UK to describe someone who is scared of everything. Similar to the common UK phrase "shitting oneself"
I wouldn't bother inviting John to Alton Towers, he's a massive shitbag and won't go on any of the rides.
by QueenBetty November 02, 2012
N. Trevor durning. Also see Shrump.
Look at that shitbag on sitting on the couch making a mess.
by tomsellek April 20, 2011
When you shit on your balls, and then tea bag someone.
Mark passed out so I decided to give him a shit bag
by D_sanchez51 July 05, 2010
Baggy cotton joggin' pants that hang extremely low on gangsta rappers and wiggers. Usually worn with Beige Timberland boots and one pant leg pulled up to the knee. They have the appearance of something a horse might wear in the city.
"Look at those Shitbags...!!"
by pierogiking November 16, 2007
A person who has died whilst attempting a cheap thing in a video game, or who has simply been embarrassed.
Pedro: That's right, shitbag.


Get owned, you f***in shitbag.
by PicnicBasket December 03, 2009
When something is so grossly shitty, you need more emphasis than just exclaiming a simple "shit" . See also, shitbags or shitarded.
Holy shitbag, I feel like I'm going to puke
by AshMil123 February 14, 2008
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