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Def. Military. : 1) a) a very lazy person b) one who deceptively hides their lack of work or effort
What shitbag forgot to paint behind the furniture?
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
1. A really jerky person.
2. An empty plastic bag that has been shit in. Usually a potato chip bag or grocery bag. (Also a variant of a poopsock)
3. Dog poop bag.
"He's such a shitbag!"
"I had to use a shitbag during a level grinding session."
"Throw away this shitbag, ok?"
by Paperpaper22 November 23, 2013
1. Any one person who lacks the effort, common sense, or skill to accomplish that which is the most basic task.
2. A lazy individual who refuses to move from their current location to finish a task
3. Private First Class Davis
4. Private First Class Johnson
Johnson- "Hey, did you order the pizza?"
Davis- "Well I tried, but I just stayed on hold...."
Johnson- "You shitbag...."


Davis- "Hey, do you wanna come down to the Troop Store with us to get some chow?"
Johnson- "No, I'm laying down..."
Davis- "You shitbag...."
by Renegadeangel92 July 16, 2011
Digestive system, stomach
"Man, my boiler is rumbling, I gotta empty my shitbag"

dump shit bag boiler grow a tail shit
by FredQMoonlight October 29, 2010
large, low hanging breasts.
Look at the shit bags on that crusty hippy. That bitch should get a bra!
by Withy August 11, 2010
a VERY commonly used military term that refers to an individual that is incapable of preforming the simpliest of tasks or instructions. Closely related to a buddy fucker, this individual is worthless, a drain on the squad/platoon, and is usually the guy that gets pushed onto the grenade.
Private Justin Dunham is a worthless foot powder mailing, locker tipping, model tank breaking shitbag, and the fact he is getting married and going to reproduce frightens me.
by kassfactor March 23, 2009
cowardly yellow
look at that shitbag run
by STEPHO July 07, 2003
A person who is disrespectful to you or others around him or herself.
Mark is a shitbag.
by Mikk Mofo January 29, 2003
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