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An event in which someone or thing takes a shit which lasts for so long
that it should be placed in the guiness book of records. Fortunately, this
event is rare and an extremety. A typical shitathalon lasts for upto 2
and a half hours and expelling over a kg (2.2 lbs) of shit. Health experts
recommend that prior to an expected shitathalon, one should ensure
that there is adaquete ventilaton in the shitting facillity as one may suffer
extreme headaches and or nausea due to the shithouse smell. Post shitathalon,
you may expect to feel like you've lost 10 kg in 2 hours.

Basically a really long shitting experience
person 1: wheres person 3, he said he had to go to the toilet an hour ago, whered he go?
person 2:i think he may of gone on a shitathalon
by coinroller May 08, 2007
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