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1. A person who's ass is loaded with shit.
2. Someone's ass with shit residue left over after taking a dump.
3. An insult given to someone who smells like shit.
After that Mexican food last night, I've had a shit-ass all day.

Yo man, go wipe your nasty shit-ass
by Definition Master January 25, 2005
20 14
Someone who thinks that they are cooler than they really are.
Aaron is being shit ass because all he ever talks about is himself.
by bucket122 February 13, 2009
16 11
A term describing an individual who engages in activity with no regard for others' opinions or possible (perhaps even fatal) consequences. The activity often inconveniences others from a mid-to extremely high degree. The person engaging in the activity in question is usually, but not always consciously aware of his or her shit-assy doing(s).
Pat knowingly used the rest of the toilet paper in the bathroom and did not replace the roll. About an hour later, Roger sat down for a defecation, only to realize the bathroom was void of TP. He was forced to waddle down the hallway and retrieve more. In this example, Pat exhibits behavior of a mid-level shit-ass.
by radiCLE citizen April 03, 2014
0 0
1) To describe negative feelings

2) To proclaim something as "tight" or "off-the-hook"

3) To compare something to literal "Shit" and/or "Ass"
A: "I finally got a Xbox 360 and it now has the red-ring-o'-death!"
B: "Wow, that Shit's-Ass"

"Dude! That coaster was Shit-Ass. I nearly barfed"

"Dang Billy Jean! That hooker you shot is as dead as Shit-Ass"
by mechmast March 31, 2010
5 5
a small child who does little more than eat and shit.
c'mere ya lil' shit-ass!
by MARCO! October 04, 2004
11 11
Anything and everything that you can't immediately think of the name of.
Hey, Jeff, could you hand me that . . . the uh shitass over there?
by Hoff88 May 07, 2012
6 7
Hillary fishclit
Shit Ass
by fishclit April 04, 2011
4 6