defication of fecal matter with high enough fat content to warrant over five anal wipings; often accompanies diarrhea; especially inconvenient for blind people
song; genre: blues; 1997 by Edwin Fish III; lyric:

"Got a bad case o' shitass,
Just won't go away,
Usin' up the toilet paper,
Like it's goin' outta style,
Usin' up the toilet paper,
So I'll be here awhile,
Got a bad case o' shitass,
Gwine keep me on the toilet all day."
by Jed Gould January 22, 2004
Top Definition
One who is young and unruly; someone who has not yet learned to wipe properly.
Get over here ya little shitass, 'fore I whoop the shit outta ya and then whoop ya for shittin!
by Rolando September 09, 2003
Term you use to call someone who is being annoying or just stupid
"Dont talk to me you shit ass" or "Oh man i hit my head" you should have ducked you shitass!"
by tom and a half April 17, 2003
a cure-all term for anything onboard a navy submarine
"hey we got to go fix that shit ass, before we go to lunch."
by n.u.b. July 14, 2004
a horrible situation or character who has enetered itself into a position beyond the realm of savior, a soul or event who is lost to fecal decay
Oh shitass, my sailboat got hit by a big goddam lightning bolt and my wife and erector set are stuck inside.
by Alex February 19, 2003
1. A hillbilly term used to define someone undesirable.
2. Also can refer to someone's ass, when covered in shit.
Jethro: Bill Bob come over here and help me plant some of these Bush for president signs over yander!
Billy Bob: I'm in the union, I'm voting Democratic.
Jethro: Well Shit! Yer nothin' but a shit ass demoncrat!

2. When I crapped my pants at walmart, everyone said I had a shit ass.
by LarryF October 15, 2005
after returning to mexico and having explosive diarehha on the plane when there's no toilet paper. therefore you cannot get a clean wiping of your ass so the mexican pigs have to lick it off.
i had to waddle like a penguin so i wouldnt spread my shit ass around. good thing we had those pigs.
by should i tell my mom im gay?? December 18, 2009
Often synonomous with "asshole". In Texas, at least, this term may be regularly interchangeable with the word "peckerhead". Kindly do not confuse with the term "peckerwood", which creates images of the lower class "white trash" southern male specifically. There seems to be a notion of arrogance associated with the word shitass.
he's a real shitass, idn't he?!
by Benton M. October 19, 2007
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