n. 1.A large shit multiplied by about 7000 put into the metric system. 2. A single persons weight in beer. 3. A water tower full of pond water mixed with the shit of 100 bass and 800 gorillas. 4. ALOT DUDE (A shit ton is more outside the body than in the body)
Dude i just drank a shit Ton.
by weebstah October 06, 2008
Shitton (n.): 1) An ambibously large number, larger than a crapton, but less than a holyfuckton.
by KiPpIe :D June 10, 2003
An odd way to say quite a large amount.
"Michelle has a shit ton of odd cuss words."
by SueB January 18, 2007
A large amount (greater than 17)
Man, how much did you blow on booze last weekend?

A shit ton.
by Russki August 14, 2005
Pronounced shit-un. Its a combination of the words shit and ton. Usually used in texting as a time saver (only missing one space so its not much of one). Also used in vocal conversation when trying to emphasize.
Luke: Wanna come over and hang out today?
Owen: I can't, I've got a shitton of homework.
Luke: Bummer.
Owen: Yup.
by LolliLoveMe August 15, 2010
(n.) 2,000 Pounds (lbs.) of fecal matter (Poop, aka dung, aka manuer, aka crap, aka shit, aka poopoo, aka should i keep going?, aka #2, aka you get the point, aka stool, aka seriously im done, aka droppings)

(n.) Can also refer to the feeling after eliminating a shitton from your body.

Copyright NMH
After eating my Chipotle Burrito, which was very delicious, I pooped a shitton.
by NastyIsTakenQuestionmarkFrown October 21, 2009
1.take a shit in your pants...that is a shit-ton of shit in your pants.
2.shit-load*shit-load = shit-ton cuFt/Lb.
'I have a shit-ton of shit to do today.'
'That girls got a shit-ton of ass!'
'Now, that's a shit-ton.'
by DickTrickle April 02, 2004
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