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a ton of shit; usually used to describe something in abundance; different way of saying shitload
Wow! Beer and ribs! That was shit tons of fun!
by Nene Fred July 07, 2006
A unit of measurement used by the US Army, meaning more than the average amount that is bigger than a metric-ton, but smaller than two metric-tons.
PVT Bla Bla has a shit-ton of sand bags to fill after mouthing off.
by Commo God February 22, 2011
A value that seems to be far more than would be neccessary and borders on rediculous
That was a shit ton of hot wings he ate, I mean I lost count at 78.
by base101 June 03, 2009
An exorbitant amount of something.
There are a shit ton of definitions for this word.
by Skeer May 16, 2012
25 gigabytes.
S - "How big is world of warcraft?"
C - "idk, a shit ton of data"
S - "holy shit, it's 25 gigabytes!"
C - "yeah, a shit ton."
by Kashgar July 03, 2011
264.2 gallons of human shit.
That's 264.2 gallons of vodka!
That's a shit-ton of vodka!
by treephalanges April 08, 2011
In otherwords it mean a whole lot. a ridiculously great abundance.
mom went shopping again and came back with a shit-ton of groceries she needs help unloading.
by JessdonStress September 30, 2010