Not just a large amount of something, but a gregarious amount of something you don't want. Similar, at least in idea, to too much.

One can't have a shit ton of money. One can, however, have a shit ton of ants in ones pants, or a shit ton of holes in a bag of money.
Upon entering my kitchen I noticed there were a shit ton of ants everywhere.

After taking my final exam, my friend and I concurred that there was a shit ton of material we did not know.

It takes a shit ton of gas to drive from California to New York and back.
#a lot #too much #over the top #excessive #bad #shit-ton
by BryceS47 October 14, 2008
The imperial equivalent to a metric buttload.
Dude, there was a metric buttload of people at the party last night.

Well, I would have said a shit ton. I guess we're both right.
#metric #butt load #shit ton #imperial #conversion
by djsyndo October 09, 2010
At least two times a Shit Load. (must be greater then 17)
Casey has a shit ton of gay remarks.
#shit #ton #shit ton #casey #load #gay #shit load
by Nick A. Davis July 14, 2008
A lot of something. Like a shitload. Usually asked for through drive through windows.
Worker: Do you want any sauce with that?

Guy: Yeah can I get a Shitton of Del Scorcho?
#shit #shitload #shit ton #shit on #butt load
by NDUB3 February 02, 2011
An excessive or abundant amount.
I have a shit-ton of chicken marinating downstairs.
#shit-ton #large #excessive #abundant #lot
by Miss Shmanny February 09, 2009
2000 assloads.
I ate shit ton of asparagus last night and now my piss smells.
#shitton #shit load #assload #shit ton #ass load
by Carmack C February 19, 2009
1) Weight/Mass: Equal to one metric ass load.
2) Numbers: Equal to a quantity greater than 17.
3) General: More than you have or should ever want to have without substantial health considerations, and possible proactive medical preparation.

Usage Notes: A shit ton is commonly considered to be, at a minimum, two shit loads. In imperical systems, used as "shit tonne."
Get me a shit ton of notebooks from the stockroom, Johnson; we're gonna have ourselves a write-up!
#shit #ton #ass #load #metric #tonne #tonnes
by Ixit October 23, 2008
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