When someone eats a chocolatey food such as Oreos, causing the teeth to look like they're covered in shit.
Travis: Mmmm Oreos.
Alex: Ew dude you got shit teeth, close your mouth!
by MikeC Fo Sho July 10, 2008
Top Definition
The condition of Coffee and Nicotine stains on teeth - even after repeated brushing.
"I brush twice a day, guess i gotta have these shit-teeth scraped"
by Greg Peebles December 29, 2005
To be a retard, or literally have shit in your teeth. Normally used by strange little boys named Jack.
Get outta my seat shit-teeth.
by likin the vagicles May 16, 2008
Jamming a chocolatey food into your teeth making it look as if you were just eating Fresh Crap.
Lisa:*rams tootsie rolls into teeth and smile*
Cole: Ah god damn you and your shit teeth.
by 13 March 26, 2003
after hitting someone so hard they swallow their own teeth, ie eat teeth, they have to shit out their jagged broken teeth tearing up their asshole
this guy was talking trash to me all night so i made him shit teeth

i hit that guy so hard he's going to shit teeth for a week
by enforcer bear July 18, 2008
People either have nice straight teeth or crooked never touched by a dentist teeth. People with crooked, snagletooth ugly mutherfucken teeth have shit teeth.
I was sitting beside this guy on the BUS and man he had shit teeth.
by The King February 28, 2005
when somebody smiles at you after eating chocolate of any kind and their teeth are all brownish.
"Man Alex smiled at me today and all i saw was shit teeth!"
by SolidAce87 March 05, 2009
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