Slang term for Cowboy boots. Shit Kickers typically dont refer to the roper style cowboy boots but more the traditional pointed toe high heeled variety. Dubbed "shit kickers" because they come in handy in a fight.
These punk motherfuckers better shut their mouths if they know whats best for them. Daddy's got his shit kickers on!
by HAMME-R October 29, 2008
Large and/or heavy boots that could possibly be used to beat someone.
John is wearing his shit-kickers today.
by j December 19, 2004
n.,pl., boots that are similar to ones that a person would wear if they were working and at risk of stepping in manure, but are fancy or new and are worn for fashion
All right Ellie-Mae I'll go line dancing with you, just hold on while I put on my shitkickers!
by Webster Papadopolous July 11, 2004
1. a graduate of an agricultural school
2. having the attitude of a graduate of an agricultural school
Oklahoma State's shitkicker alums care more about OU getting beat than they do about their own team winning (feel free to replace with Texas A&M-UT respectively).
by izzythedog January 09, 2007
70's - 80's slang for cowboy, cowboy "wanna' be", or urban cowboy (wouldn't know what to do w/ the bull if/when he ever got it by the horns!)
Them shitkickers probably never done broke more sweat than trying the Texas 2-step or line dancing down at the Broken Spoke. Give real cowboys a bad name!
by Austin December 26, 2004
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