Big heavy boots, usually combat-type, but occasionally DMs or similar; sometimes steel reinforced, often worn to intimidate others. Usually seen on rivethead types, both male and female.
She always wears her shitkickers when she goes downtown so the guys won't try to hit on her.
by Leah May 21, 2004
A derogatory term that people from large urban metropolitan areas use to describe someone from a rual area or farm.
KeShawn: Hey man, did you see that Shit-Kicker today at the mall wearing a cowboy hat and those tight-ass Wrangler jeans in the Starbucks?

LaDanian: Yeah, that country Mo-Fo probably had a horse outside tied to a bus stop waiting on him.
by HuskyMiller January 11, 2007
(In Australia) A low ranking person, especially in a workplace, who gets all the dirty or menial jobs.
Poor old Wayne never earned much; all his life he was a shitkicker in a factory.
by Bob Highland February 02, 2004
Shit Kicker, shit-kicker:
1) Another term for a hick, coyboy, cowgirl, or butt pirate.
2) A term used to discribe the lameness of ones' shoe.
3) Some one who plays with road apples or cow patty's. Usually not the sharpest knife in the electrical outlet.
1) Damn, you got some ugly ass "shit Kickers" homie!
2) Go back to the farm you "Shit Kicker".
3)leave that 10 gallon "Shit Kicker" hat at home!
by NickName4U April 20, 2006
A lower class white person who hails from a rural area
All of Hicksville's shitkickers gathered at the rodeo arena on Saturday nights.
by Dolphin_X April 03, 2003
Animal skinned boots with a rather pointy toe. The simplest style are made of cow leather (usual a tan to dark brown) with simple top stiching. However in Texas Vaqueros tend to wear boots with a longer point out of brightly colored alligator skin, rattle snake, etc. It is believed that they are popular with Mexicans because the pointed toe helps make climbing border fences easier. Also these books kick ass in a fight and will cause almost anyone to go down with a few well placed kicks
::note- do not kick your significant other::
Fashionistas wear "cowgirl" boots. A real cowgirl wears shit kickers.
How'd he get over the fence so fast? He was wearing shit kickers.
Them some fancy shit kickers ya' got there.
by deathmuffin October 26, 2006
A white person hailing from America's deep south, Usually is republican, Conservative and posseses an intense dislike for Foreigners or at least non-Southerners.
A shitkicker is similar to a Redneck
Many people see all white Southerners as Racist redneck Shitkickers
by David Bayliss June 24, 2006
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