a shit hole is a place were stangers go to make sweet man sex too each other
come here or ill throw u in my shithole and shit in your eye u stanger!!!!!
by joeyhuge cok April 13, 2005
woodhall, scotland.
the hillz, the highlands etc
by lewis June 15, 2004
1. A hole into which one takes a shit or goes for number twos.

2. An pleasant place to live

3. North Prospect area of Plymouth, England where 99% of the janners live. See fuckwit.
1. Is that your shit-hole? Mind if I take a dump?

2. God you live in a shit-hole.

3. God you live in the shit-hole.
by WhosYourDaddy January 15, 2004
The country of bratislava...'nuff said.
don't go to bratislava its a shit-hole...
'nuff said.
by Bearded Abe February 26, 2005
the appropriate last name for Michael Schiavo, the murderer of his disabled (but not vegatative) wife, Terri Schiavo.
Stop being such a Michael Shithole!
by Eat my shit, Liberals! April 15, 2005
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