1. A repressed society. 2. A place where it is illegal to smoke marijuana, but ok for our military to kill millions of children. 3. Idaho
Pray to your god that you don't end up in some shithole like Idaho, thoroughly infested by Mormons and the LDS church.
by Victor Wilt November 24, 2003
A place where no one wants to live. A shitty place, example Rice, MN.
Where is the biggest shithole town?? Rice, Minnesota.
by ChevySucks_haha! July 01, 2010
Man, those pricks in that Shithole called Walmart fired me for bullshit then denied my unemployment!
by metalhead7 December 06, 2010
A residence, often of the tenement or small apartment variety, which is very dirty and/or in disrepair, possibly also bug-infested and even dangerous. The most famous example of this is from the late eighties movie "Coming to America", with the first apartment that Eddie Murphy's character, the rich African prince Akeem from Zamunda, decides to take up in order to feel like one of the common people, much to the dismay of his best friend Semmi, who would prefer more familiar (luxurious) surroundings. Later, after Akeem comes back from work to find the apartment completely remodeled by Semmi, he decides he must move again, taking up the landlord's own apartment in exchange for the first one.
"It's a real shithole; you'll love it."
by Eponymous Bosch November 13, 2004
A septic tank or sewer.
That shithole clogged up again!
by JBoz December 08, 2003
A sub-standard place of residence or occupation.
"Ugh. I have to go to uni in that shit-hole Canberra"

"Ugh. My boss is making me go to that shit-hole Jeddah"

"Did you see that documentary about that shit-hole Rawanda last night? "
by Toxicmuffin July 06, 2014
The anus, so called because shit comes out of it. Not necessarily about scat or shit literally--just a raunchy term usually shouted out during sex. (Vars. shit-hole; shit hole.)
Fuck my shithole harder, man!
by Miss Shithole July 15, 2011

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