When a place smells bad like wet socks, body odor and unfresh cum from both sexes. Or when you're in a doped out place.
That room's a shithole man.
It's a shithole mah place.

This place is a shithole doo!
by Bengel December 24, 2003
slinger, wisconsin
i live in a shit hole town.
by mike January 10, 2004
A dumpy city/town.
Sunderland and Middlesbrough are shitholes.
by Glittery Goddess June 19, 2004
1. Iraq.

2. A really bad place.
I can't wait to get out of this shithole!
by pvtmcd April 30, 2008
Any place that remotely resembles poo, feces, excrement, or animal waste.

A place in which the actual air smells like shit, the people look like shit, the water tastes like shit.

A locale in which shittiness prevails and there is absolutely no redeeming quality.

These locales are typically populated by individuals who still actively maintain mullets and actively watch NASCAR.

Basically....We are talking about Detroit
Detroit is a shit hole
by joedaddy7755 July 21, 2009
dunstable, bedfordshire. awful place
dunstable is a right fuckin shit-hole. the arsehole of everywhere
by tobias o'hooligan February 14, 2008
The anus/rectum, esp. when viewed sexually
JB only fucks women up the shit hole
by su france December 29, 2007

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