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A residence, often of the tenement or small apartment variety, which is very dirty and/or in disrepair, possibly also bug-infested and even dangerous. The most famous example of this is from the late eighties movie "Coming to America", with the first apartment that Eddie Murphy's character, the rich African prince Akeem from Zamunda, decides to take up in order to feel like one of the common people, much to the dismay of his best friend Semmi, who would prefer more familiar (luxurious) surroundings. Later, after Akeem comes back from work to find the apartment completely remodeled by Semmi, he decides he must move again, taking up the landlord's own apartment in exchange for the first one.
"It's a real shithole; you'll love it."
by Eponymous Bosch November 13, 2004
23 21
Lawrence Kansas is a college town, home to the University of Kansas swallowcocks where a large amount of douche bags reside. It's also known throughout the US as a shit-hole.
I would never live in Lawrence KS, it's a total shit-hole.
by musicboss November 30, 2011
584 104
A really bad place or building, especially somewhere undesirable to live or work.
You can only judge a shithole by the turds that pass through it.
by Jon K January 01, 2004
437 58
A horrible city in which to live, work or party.
Detroit is a shit hole.
by MeatyDago June 20, 2007
292 78

(see New Jersey)
New Jersey is a real shithole!
by foznots November 01, 2009
274 82
derogatory term used to describe a filthy dwelling
that macintyres place in dunoon is a fucking shithole
by archie mccracken August 03, 2003
225 75
(n.) A really, really crappy place to live. No pun intended. Well, maybe sorta.
"I hate living in this shithole!" "Oh, you're from the United States of America too?"
by Razukin December 01, 2002
186 107
When a place smells bad like wet socks, body odor and unfresh cum from both sexes. Or when you're in a doped out place.
That room's a shithole man.
It's a shithole mah place.

This place is a shithole doo!
by Bengel December 24, 2003
128 59