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A) When you get hives from being super stressed out.

B) An office full of 'busy" employess doing nothing but shitty work

C) Little itch red bumps that could be from wiping one's arse and getting it everywhere, then stressin out about that. You get Shit Hives.
A) I have no money for gas to get to work to make money, but I can't get gas unless I go to work. But I cant go to work because I have no gas money. To get money I need to go to work. I am going to break out in SHIT HIVES from this stressball!!!

B) Looks like everyone is busy, but they are just busy lookin busy! If you look busy, but do shit-all, then you work in a Shit Hive.

C) Be careful with the Toilet Paper, sometimes it rips, and you get shit on.
by KelsoMcBeaverEater June 10, 2010

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Any place in the world which features an alarming ratio of scum to normal people. Much like a beehive, there are swarms of loud, shitty people.
Cambuslang and Banbury are both examples of shit-hives.
by Tiders-the-Halfy September 19, 2009