The act of talking, or being talked to on the shitter.
Let me finish shitting then I'll talk to you
God I am not a big fan of shittalking
by Richard Ashley November 24, 2007
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Shit talking occurs when people have too much free time (see: not having a life) and make up rumors or put down others, whether they are enemies, friends, or just random people.
Those shit talking scumbags just wasted a whole five minutes of my life complaining about someone who I could really give a shit less about.
by definingmyworld September 22, 2008
A conversation where someone says a lot of bad things about something or somebody.
There ain't nothing but a bunch of shit-talking going on over there.
by Paco Rivera March 16, 2005
Talking bad about someone with one of your friends or buddies.
Also hatred.

Jenny to Ashley: Bitch, you have the gayest hair ever.

Ashley's friend: Ashley, is she shit talking again?
by The T-Town-King. September 12, 2006
When someone talks shit.
Jasper, I'm sick sick of your shit-talking
by JoblessHalfling November 10, 2014
When so much shit gets typed on websites but never said to anyones face because you know you're wrong!
Shit Talking, shouldn't be taken seriously. Proceed at your own risk.

Shit Talking can be hobbies of some people, life for others.
by ShitTalkersUnite March 19, 2013
Defaming or claiming superiority over another for various reasons, as in a gaming environment.
Everyone claims we're shit talking whenever we win a fight.
by TheRaginCajun February 19, 2009

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