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Where you are when everything has gone wrong!
Lost the big sale, and now we're up shit street!
by mahatmacoat99 January 02, 2016
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Could also be referred to as shit creek
no surprise i'm on shit street/no surprise i'm up shit creek
by Listafsface April 19, 2016
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"Well Cletus, seems were up shit creek without a paddle... "
"Yessir, and i reckon we're up shit street without a shovel..."
by Cerztyn September 24, 2016
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1) An unfavorable, inevitable situation which one will experience.

2) Brit slang for deep trouble.
Clyde: Man, finals are 2 weeks from now and I've yet to revise. I checked my notebooks and I barely have anything to go on.

Klause: Wow, man you were on shit street since the beginning of the semester.
by KaL April 08, 2016
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