the act of falling on your ass soo hard that in doing so you loose all feeling and the abilty to shit.

"ouch did you fall on your monkey bone?"
"ahhh thats a shit stopper >_<"
by L0LitsN0rman September 14, 2008
Top Definition
Very tight fitting trousers.
To a portly chap, averse to loose garmentry, one could say: "Sideways on, you look like a fucking question mark, in those shit stoppers."
by Mr P. August 19, 2006
A shitstopper is when you thrust your knee with power to hit someone's arsehole. Therefore this is said to stop your shit.
Tom gave Alex a shitstopper to stop his shit.
by tony lai July 09, 2007
noun: When an overly pushy, strict parent delivers a swift kick into the anal cavity of the child to prevent the child from shitting
Tom:"Father, I need to go to the toilet"
Father John:"NO SON! You must stay and watch the Rugby! Here this shit-stopper will stop you from needing to shit!"
*Swift kick to the arse*
by jimbobhas December 17, 2009
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