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Shit Stick Is a GREAT name for your "X"
ex: You are a shit stick.
You are Shit and I am the stick.....Watch as I flick you from my life! TA TA SHIT STICK!!!!
4 17
A person who is very thin, bordering on anorexic and who cannot control themselves, talking shit at every possible moment. Other can qualities include homosexuality, stupidity, tightness (being a jew).
That shit stick just wont shut up with his crap jokes.

Shit stick over there keeps kicking me in the shins. fucking tightarse...
by Sven S September 22, 2005
4 21
1. A moment when all luck is bad.
2. A cruel insult for someone you hate.
1. I just got beat with the shit stick!2. I am gonna cap yo ass with a 9-, shit stick.
by CJ March 08, 2004
1 18