Similar to HitStick popularized by Madden 2005 (and since). In the game when someone is HitStick they are bewildered and shaken from the event. ShitStick is farting around someone and having the same effect.
Matt: What is that?!
Jay: I definetaly reefed a fart at you...
Matt: Dude that sounded like a low flying jet.
Jay: It's my new ShitStick...enjoy.
by King Jay July 10, 2008
1. (noun) Any male's penis who likes or has had sex with someone anally.
2. (noun) An insulting name to call someone, especially a homosexual male.
3. (verb)(hyphenated) To insert a male's penis into an anus
1. He does have a shit stick, but he is still a human being.
2. Get away from me, you shitstick!
3. He shit-sticked his boy aquaintance last night so I ran out of the co-ed bathroom when he came in.
by ILoveHugsandStuff November 01, 2004
A curse which is an extension of the word "shit".
"Watch for that truck, mate"
"Shitsticks. R u ok?"
by Stick of Shytt February 22, 2003
IE, turd, crap, poop, poo.
Damn, look at the size of that shitstick!
by Nimrod March 26, 2003
A term to describe how a nigga walks
yo nigga his shit stick is hardbody
by brianna411097 September 28, 2009
A stick you flick larger piece of shit off of at others.

After Anal sex, you have a shit stick
the boy picked up the stick and shot a shit ball at his sister.
Then fucked her and had a shit stick around his groan.
by Tyler February 04, 2004
The tool used to take part in homosexual activities.
That mother fucking homo uses his shit stick every night of the week. Reckon he's got brown cheese?
by Alex Brooks September 02, 2004

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