A stick used to stir or fling shit.

A non-gendered, non-specific pronoun which is also interchangeable with any noun.

1) I don't like Bob, he's a shitstick.
2) I was drunk last night and Shitstick walked me home.

by HateMan01 & AllCaffeine March 07, 2009
The ancient art of penetrating a female's unsanitised rectum with one's penis before withdrawing and lying back while said female cleans the now soiled tool with her tongue.
"Hey bitch, clean my shit stick"
by Phil shane October 24, 2007
Every dumb ass that has a driver's license that shouldn't.
How did that shit-stick get a license?!?
Dude, don't be a shit-stick.
That was shit-stickish behavior.
by jenijag November 22, 2012
a phrase given to a competitor playing FIFA who looses 3 games in a row. Popularised by Charlie Spencer 08/11/2011.
Shit stick, Charlie Spencer
by FIFARANGER November 08, 2011
A long stick usually used to pick up pieces of faecal matter by jabbing and lifting, then usually thrown or dropped somewhere. Is very disgusting and smelly. Can also be used as part of an insult about someones breath.
"Fuck sake Joe, did you brush your teeth with a shitstick?"
by Digney July 05, 2006
When one epithet simply will not do, and you don't have time for two. A convenient combination of Shit Head, and Dip Stick, ShitStick is crude enough for all occasions in which either of the other two would have sufficed.
Screaming at your ex for not paying his share of the last electric bill, thereby causing shut off. Yelled back as you leave for the last time: "You ShitStick!" and you're out.
by Often Warranted July 01, 2009
Someone or something used to cause trouble
I am gonna get out my big shit stick and really stir things up.
by cornhole 73 August 09, 2011

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