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1) slang for fecal matter

2) referring to the penis after unprotected anal sex
1) hey man ill be over in a bit, i just need to drop off some shit sticks

2) after i finished i slapped her on the ass with my shit stick
by Kompster October 16, 2009
(1) an exclamation of woe or regret (especially when due to one's own error or negligence)
(2) coil-shaped fecal matter

other spelling(s):
shitstickz (rare)
shitstyks (rare)

note: "shite" may also be substituted for "shit"
1. aw, shitsticks! totally thought i was gonna get laid tonight.

2. i ruined my shoe in the park stepping on a fat shitstick.
by Lfrey April 25, 2006
A shit so big, that when pinched off, slaps the back of your ball sack.
I had to give my balls a thorough rinsin after that SHIT STICK
by andravian February 10, 2011
Complete failure of something to deliver enjoyment or pleasure.
After paying US $9.00 to watch a bruce willis movie, everyone yelled SHITSTICKS when it was over.
by A bruce willis fan April 01, 2003
A twig used when you stand in dog shit to flick the larger bits off
I just stood in the biggest dog shit ever. Look how much poo is on this shitstick
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
An idiot. e.g. Cory and Trevor from Sunnyvale Trailer Park.
Why settle for a couple of shitsticks when you can have the whole shit trawler.
by Ricky Leahy November 18, 2003
Another name for a Fishstick
"I'm not eating those damn shitsticks tonight!"
"John nicknamed his cat Shitstick because he was making fishsticks one day and the cat was begging for one, so he said "here you go Shitstick, enjoy!"
"Dammit, there's nothing to eat, what are we eating tonight? - Shitsticks !" *finger points to cat litter box*

fish stick fish sticks fishstick fishsticks shitstick shitsticks cat cats
by JPelton September 26, 2010