noun. 1. A group of people so shitfaced that it is entertaining to watch.
The 80's dance party was a real shitshow, thanks to Captain Morgan.
by CapitalNumber November 11, 2009
1) A party or event where where massive amounts of alcohol are consumed.

2) A person who consumes a copious amount of alcohol, making them physically and/or mentally unstable.

(see Shitfaced)
1) Everyone at this party is hammered drunk. This is a total shit-show.

2) Kaidra had way too much to drink and is now a complete Shit-Show.
by woody88 June 08, 2009
Ridiculous/wild outcomes and or actions that can be caused by intoxication that ultimatley leads to moments of blackness and dissaray.
Last night was such a shit show, I can't believe that I started dancing on the bar topless!!!
by Sivana March 26, 2007
IKEA on a Saturday afternoon.
Damn, IKEA was a f*cking shit show today. I've never seen so many bratty kids and fat people in one confined space.
by Tbrambo April 25, 2015
Usually an event like a party or gathering of sorts were an audience can quickly form to witness a mess unfold before them. This requires at least 1 individual but usually involves several idiots and attention whores who are quickly consumed by a chaotic and unpredictable side show for all to enjoy. can also be categorized by the one person in a group that usually gets the most shit faced.
Did you see that "ShitShow" last night between those 2 idiots.
by intunerecords May 04, 2015
when things are just out sorts or just outta control
Hey Rack, how's your new appartment looking? Arrrgg, everything is all over the place, it's a real shit-show.
by Randy Clarke October 12, 2006
Noun. any multitude of people who are "shitfaced" at the same time.
That was one hell of a shitshow last night!
by zebrastripes1357 January 29, 2011
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