Another reference to fudgepackers, normally used in annoyance at someone or for general banter. An ass assassin.
(in car)

1: 'i thought we were going to the beach?'
2: 'we are, but the Shitpipe Sheriff here forgot his phone so we've gotta go back.'
#gay #homosexual #insult #banter #shit stabber
by BrownTunnelEngineer September 01, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who takes part in anal sex. Generally gay males of a suspicious type.
"Luke Herbert loved to take it up the bum, but James Dixon loved to be the shit pipe sheriff"
#bum #anal #sex #gay #wrong #backwards
by Barry or December 29, 2006
one who likes to give it up the shit pipe.. a man who is after a bit of bum-fun (the giver not the givee)
"ooh,he's a right shit pipe sheriff that one is."
#turd-burglar #fudge-packer #sausage-jockey #shit-stabber #homo
by donna-chester! March 01, 2008
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