Another reference to fudgepackers, normally used in annoyance at someone or for general banter. An ass assassin.
(in car)

1: 'i thought we were going to the beach?'
2: 'we are, but the Shitpipe Sheriff here forgot his phone so we've gotta go back.'
by BrownTunnelEngineer September 01, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who takes part in anal sex. Generally gay males of a suspicious type.
"Luke Herbert loved to take it up the bum, but James Dixon loved to be the shit pipe sheriff"
by Barry or December 29, 2006
one who likes to give it up the shit pipe.. a man who is after a bit of bum-fun (the giver not the givee)
"ooh,he's a right shit pipe sheriff that one is."
by donna-chester! March 01, 2008
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