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When you roll toilet paper around ur hand like a mitten and use it to wipe the shit from your ass.
The pipes weren't clogged from the shit itself, it was from the damn shit mitten.

Damn that's a lot of poo! I'm definitely gonna need a shit mitten.

LITTLE KID- "Daddy wipe me.."
FATHER- "Uhh..why dont you use your shit mitten instead."
by rotfloling April 12, 2009
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n. A person's hands that are covered in human excrement (shit)
ex. A general description of being displeased, or a term for an unpleasant person
Ex. (n) That guy needs to learn to wipe, he was wearing a pair of shit mittens when he came out of the stall.

(n) My daughter tried to take care of her own diaper, but only ended up with a pair of shit mittens.

(ex) Oh shit mittens!

(ex) Don't listen to that guy, he's just a shit mitten.
by Spc. Edwards August 24, 2006
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Someone so totally incompetent they manage to ruin everything they touch, as if someone was wearing mittens made out of shit. As useful replacement for the term asshat
We could get this project done a lot faster if shitmittens over here would stop accidentally deleting the files.
by DrBruz October 17, 2014
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when you have to play badminton in PE
Did you hear, we are playing shitmitten today.
by Conniera April 07, 2008
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What occurs from excessive wrapping of the hand with toilet paper prior to wiping ones ass.

Common to those with enormous asses.
Commonly leads to a shitter overflow.
Johnny dropped a huge shitmitten into the shitter and clogged to whole works.
by Granite_33 April 13, 2011
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