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Any piece of attire or fabric used to wipe your ass in desperate situations.
Hiker 1: "I need to take a shit but were stuck in the woods!"
Hiker 2: "Just use your sock as a shit mit."

While taking a shit at a party, Mandy was so drunk she used the shower curtain as a shit mit because in reality she was sitting in the bathtub instead of the toilet.
by dothegoodjob March 08, 2009
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1. A glove or mit that is completely covered in your own shit because you stuck your hand so far up your ass.

2. Describes a person behaving as if he just put on a glove or mit, and stuck his hand up his own ass.
"Man I just put on this glove and shoved my hand really far up my own butt. It was awesome!"
by Bitty Cent March 22, 2005
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