Expression - A derivative of the original: "The excrement made physical contact with a hydro-electric powered oscillating air current distribution device". Used primarily to describe a set of circumstances where events became inflamed to a point that control was lost.
Her insults rolled of me like water but the shit hit the fan after she claimed to possess information leading to proof that my Mother wore Army boots.
by regedt32 April 06, 2004
Term used in Halo 3, when someone is getting pretty pissed off and about to beat some serious ass and throw around some insults.
"Ya, shit hit the fan pretty early in the game, and i owned some serious ass last night."
by Darkrage November 28, 2007
A punk rock band from Northern Spain.
My friend Alejo is the lead singer of Shit Hit The Fan.
by CJRB February 01, 2005

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