A spectator sport - Shitfoot is a game played after stepping in a shit. 2 or more players required. Step 1) Accidentally tread in a random shit. Step 2) Loudly voice your disgust to raise attention levels of witnesses Step 3) Start deciding who, out of the laughing witnesses, will be your target. Step 4) Raise the offending shitfoot and chase your target in a hopping/running style while they freak out. Step 5) Clean and sterilize the unfortunate foot so it is ready for your next game of Shitfoot
I really enjoyed that game of Shitfoot yesterday!
The dog has instigated yet another game of shitfoot!
Shitfoot - a game the whole family can play!
Alissa and I love a good game of shitfoot!
by Random J March 23, 2011
Top Definition
when a person pushes mongo on a skateboard.
that kid sucks at skateboarding and hes a shit foot
by santacruzskater831 July 17, 2008
when some one poops their pants and then steps in it.
some guy pooped on my couch, stepped in it, then walked around. he is a shit foot.
by partypooper10210 June 11, 2010
a bitch; someone who bitches at everything and constantly has something to complain about. They never want to go any where because they are have been being lame recently and doesnt give u a ride home, even tho u live right next to them
Jon: hey is it always like this?
Nick: like wut?
Jon: are u always bitching, u shitfoot?
by Jon Du August 13, 2005
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