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when you go to use the toilet after someone took a dump & didnt double flush, & shit particles are floating around.
"damn meg, did you just take a dump? you forgot to finish flushing, now there's shit flakes floating around"
by 40zN9z September 05, 2009
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The shards of poop that stick to your butthairs from a non juicy poop. These typically hurt if not removed at first wipe and not alot of gas is moving through the anal cavity.
I brought tears to my eyes by trying to remove a shitflake after two days of constipation.
by Spartacus Baines March 19, 2004
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A Romantic term for the love of your life, refering to her beautiful brown hair and her ravishing appearence. The female called 'Shitflake' is usually the coolest person in the entire world FACT!
boy, "That girl amy, she's my shitflake, I love her"
by MissCirce November 23, 2009
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1. Generic term for unappetizing breakfast cereal
2. Exclamation of dismay or disgust
3. Generic term for anything of poor quality, uappealing, undesired, etc.
1. Some "Continental Breakfast"--all they had was shitflakes and instant coffee.

2. Shitflakes! She still hasn't returned my call.

3. When I asked the boss for a raise, all I got was total shitflakes.
by Dr. Foo May 08, 2008
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an insulting term for one you dislike, said by emotional people.
word that creates amusement to people i.e. skybO and flexi SheZ
"go eat shitflakes with secret sauce you fuktard"
by cheriẹ July 05, 2005
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