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The term used at colleges for getting drunk on Saturdays.

thirsty thursday sober sunday
"Hey Man, it's shit-faced Saturday. Have a beer"
by natemancool July 16, 2009
when you get shit faced...on a saturday
Last Saturday I was so shit faced, I pooped NEXT to the toilet instead of in it...shit faced saturday...CLASSIC!
by shkristy April 09, 2010
A term for getting wasted on a saturday
lets get fucked up it's "shit-faced saturday"
by alexander hamilton2 April 04, 2009
A day, any Saturday of any week, on which many college students wake up hungover (or still drunk) from the previous Fucked-up Friday, and begin to drink earlier in the day and continue all day and night. Sometimes, the drinking starts immediately after waking up.
-"Are you guys drinking beer at 9:15am!!??"
-"Haha, hell yeah, it's Shitfaced Saturday! We'll drink all day"
by MunchieMay March 26, 2009