A term for getting wasted on a saturday
lets get fucked up it's "shit-faced saturday"
by alexander hamilton2 April 04, 2009
Top Definition
when you get shit faced...on a saturday
Last Saturday I was so shit faced, I pooped NEXT to the toilet instead of in it...shit faced saturday...CLASSIC!
by shkristy April 09, 2010
The term used at colleges for getting drunk on Saturdays.

thirsty thursday sober sunday
"Hey Man, it's shit-faced Saturday. Have a beer"
by natemancool July 16, 2009
A day, any Saturday of any week, on which many college students wake up hungover (or still drunk) from the previous Fucked-up Friday, and begin to drink earlier in the day and continue all day and night. Sometimes, the drinking starts immediately after waking up.
-"Are you guys drinking beer at 9:15am!!??"
-"Haha, hell yeah, it's Shitfaced Saturday! We'll drink all day"
by MunchieMay March 26, 2009
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