A grin which someone crazy enough to be eating shit and be deliriously happy about it would have on their face.
I told Jimmy to wipe that shit-eating grin off his face before I smashed it into a pulp.
by hugepossum November 29, 2005
A stupid grin that makes you look so clueless that you enjoy eating shit on a daily basis without realising you're a complete putz.
People who call tech support don't even try to learn the basics of using a computer. I picture them sitting at their desk with a shit-eating grin, then headbutting the screen.
by Mikes_arse August 19, 2006
the look on George Bush's face.
Why does George Bush have that shit eating grin on his face?
by the big fellow August 28, 2008
A)The grin on someone's face when they are trying not to smile but cant stop so they look like a total shithead.

called a shit eating grin because:

if you ate a piece of shit and you enjoyed it, you would naturally smile, but also try to hide that you enjoyed it at the same time, thus resulting in a "shit eating" grin.
"Wipe that shit eating grin off your face."

After John beat his friend Jim on a test, a shit eating grin came over him.

person 1 "Look at the size of that guys shit eating grin!"
person 2 "Man he looks retarded."
by Simmons12 August 01, 2006
The grin on a persons face after they just tossed your salad.
None available.
by MissBunny October 10, 2003
The kind of grin Susan Estrich makes
Get that shit eating grin of your face
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004
A toothy smile made by a jackass who just downed a 3 ponds of buffalo turds and still had particles of it on its teeth
Hey, buddy! Brush that shit-eating grin off your face!
by Bernard Dworkin July 28, 2003
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