Jimmy, and Dank Fucking and eating thier shit.
*Oh Fuck ya, oh jimmy, yummy! damn we eat our shit good
by ddd August 03, 2003
Any breed of dog, other than a game-bred American Pit Bull Dog.
There's only three kinds of dogs; hot dogs, chilli dogs, and American Pit Bull Dogs. All the rest are just shit eaters!
by Brewjamb March 24, 2004
the epitome of your mother
hey man...your mom...she's a fucking shit eater. ass.
by tub girl ass eater April 01, 2005
your mom when she is spred open and when you lick her all over you become a shit eater......kinda like megan
megan is a shit eater lets kick her!!
by cory March 17, 2005

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