an individual who creates unnecessary conflict and unhappiness where it is especially not required
The Cat in the Hat is a shit disturber and should be killed TEN times for good measure.
by Thurgood Marshal December 10, 2003
An individual who deliberately goes out of their way to harass and irritate people. This includes people who just randomly pick fights with smaller people. Usually they tend to do this to impress others, such as girls. It's believed that these people have nothing better to do, so they annoy other individuals to feel good about themselves.
The term originated from Canada, although nowadays, you'll find shit disturbers anywhere you go.
Bill: "I wasn't even speeding, but a cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket. I don't think he even cared if I was speeding or not, he just wanted to be a shit disturber."

Albert: "That jerk that super glued the toilet seat down in the men's washroom is a real shit disturber."
by rockstarchris September 05, 2006
Slang for vandal, most likely started in Canada,if so it has migrated south into the states, at the very least up-state New York and Newhapmsher, to disturb the peace and have fun doing it. These people are usually know for getting into fights or being publicly disobediant, usually disregarding he oppinions of,or even provoking athority
eg: the guy/girl who mooned the cops at a "peaceful" protest, damn those idiots busted upold man rene's door again, "he actually took a dump on the police cruiser!" exclaimed little jimmy the redundantly crippled parapolegic, etc.
by elsamo bin hiden July 02, 2004
Someone who loves to cause strife and turmoil. A masochist.
Look under "God" for definition
by Maleduce December 15, 2003
A girl/guy who you work with and doesn't do any work but insists that they are the best thing since sliced-bread and isn't. Then come time to present the work, they take one look at it and then they bitch about how they did all the work, then call you out on a petty mistake and make you look like a shithead.
That stupid girl in our office is such a Shit-disturber she ruined that proposal presentation.
by OBVIUNKNOWN December 22, 2009
To put it politely, someone that is a jerk to a point where even jerks find the person annoying and/or aggravating to deal with.

In short, a person that is such a jerk that he or she makes even jerks look like nice people by comparison. Hence the name shit disturber; the idea being that even something as offensive as excrement would find the person offensive.
We were having a peaceful discussion on a message board. Although we couldn’t come to an agreement, we were able to end the discussion like mature adults and agreed to disagree. Just as we were at the stage of leaving it at that and moving on, some troll barges in and starts flaming both of us, igniting a massive flamewar that lasted for months before the moderators finally put an end to it. I’ve seen some offensive people in my life but before I encountered this guy, I’d met few people that would qualify as a shit disturber as this person does.
by An optimist with experience May 31, 2005
One who disturbs others shit after it has been excreted.
Watch out, that dudes a shit disturber!
by Pdixie May 26, 2004
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