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Tuesday/ Thursday
by mndz_mkl September 27, 2009
10 5
The Screaming-Skwits Shit:
The kind of shit that "skwits" out your ass like water in little lumps of crap at a rapid pace.
One of those awful days when you catch a stomach virus, you begin to shit uncontrolablly, and you end up spending the night in the bathroom; and to make matters worse, the virus was given to you by a close friend.
by Sam & Andrea January 23, 2009
10 5
Stinky crap that comes out of your ass.
Dude I have to take a shit, give me a minute.
Just don't leave a stain, my mom will kill me.
by Harley Girl August 09, 2008
8 3
1.Shit is a brown or green substance that is usally passed out of the arse, but some people talk alot of shit.

2.There are some people who enjoy the taste of shit for example if you go to www.2girls1cup.com you will find out.

3.Shit a way of describing the way in which someone smells or the eroma which they give off.

4. Simple insult.
1.I just had the biggest shit.

2.OMG dude have you seen those two girls eating shit on the internet SICK.

3.GOD man have a shawor your smell like shit.

4.Eat shit and die you shitting shiter
by okerjack350 January 07, 2008
10 5
To have diarrhoea in a serious way. Derives from the latin shiticus meaning poo or excrement.
'Wheres Jimmy today?'

'Oh he's at home with the shits!'
by Frederico Schneidler February 25, 2006
27 22
This is actually an Acronym:
Super Hot Intestinal Torpedo
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
42 37
yet another word for it
weed holy herb
Man, this shit, is the shit!
by Crackity Jones June 30, 2002
33 28