To have diarrhoea in a serious way. Derives from the latin shiticus meaning poo or excrement.
'Wheres Jimmy today?'

'Oh he's at home with the shits!'
by Frederico Schneidler February 25, 2006
The largest genre of music.
Todd: Hey, so my brother started listening to Shit the other day.
Greg: Oh yeah, like what? Shit is a pretty big genre.
Todd: Lots of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Also some Slipknot.
Greg: Man, thats definitely some Shit right there.
by ADeadlierSnake February 16, 2011
One of the most commonly used words of the English language. Originally a swear word for feces but now probably has the most definitions and can be used as a pronoun in multiple situations or can be used in place of almost any noun. Here are a few meanings.

1. An old car

2. Anything useless

3. Anything that smells or tastes funny.

4. Junk food.

5. Not having money.

6. Anything broken.

7. Drugs.

8. Anything of high value.

9. Anything that you know but cant remember the name of it.

10. Something cheap.

11. Alcohol.

12. Anything you want it to be.
1. John's car didn't start this morning, it's a piece of shit.

2. This old microwave doesnt even heat the food well, it runs like shit.

3. I hate to say this to her, but Tina's cooking smells and tastes like shit.

4. All that fast food shit your eating will increase your cholesterol.

5. All I have is 100 bucks to play at the casino, I don't even have shit to spend.

6. I dropped my cell phone and it don't work, now it's a piece of shit.

7. I have some good shit to smoke.

8. Wow!! That diamond ring is the shit!!!!

9. I know it's easy to build, but I can't remember the name, what is that shit called?

10. That sale price is cheaper than shit.

11. That drink went down smoothly, I want more of that shit.

12. I just call it shit because it has so many names.
by all sportsman January 18, 2010
the word shits can describe many feelings, activities,quality of a product or object, people, and ofcourse bodily happenings.
here is a couple.

1. Shits(temper)-to be ticked of, substantially annoyed etc
2. Shits(activities) partaking in some activities can be said to be shits eg boring or do not usually volunteer for these activities.
3.shits(quality)- in relation to the quality of a particular product or object.
4. shits (people)-people can be said to be "generally a shits person" these people have no friends and a more than likely the topic of the school's gossop.
5. shits (bodily happenings)-to have the shits. the intense need to excrete some solids, although may not necessarily be solids.
1. My computer gives me the shits.
2. school is the shits.
3. this $2 rolex is shits!
4. the kid with the stupid looking head with the faint smell of cheese about him is shits.
5. oh my god! my cabbage sandwhich has come back to give me the shits! i must leave to expell this disaster.
by Benny 7588 July 18, 2006
A long, long time ago, they used to ship manure (containing largely feces) on boats around the mediterranian. Well, the cargo was always on the lowest deck. The problem was, the boats back then would be farely leaky, and water would get in. When water and manure mixed, it would produce a large amount of methane. Careless and unknowing crew members at night would carry torches, and if they went below deck with enough methane, the ship would explode. To solve this problem, they simply started shipping them above deck so any gas could go out into the atmosphere. To make sure this was done, manure-containers would be labeled with "S.H.I.T.". This of course, stands for "Ship High In Transit"
As for how it became a vulgar term for feces itself is beyond me.
by Grizz March 28, 2003
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