"Shit" can sometimes mean hashish which is a preparation of cannabis composed of the compressed stalked resin glands called trichomes, collected from the cannabis plant.It is a rich amount of THC.And it can really get you high for the night,even if you share it with friends !
Dude1 : Hey Bubu! I loved that "shit" you brought from Colentina,it was really great !

Dude2 : Yea i fucking know that it's damn good !
by Coisanu93 October 21, 2010
Another way of saying those or them...a grouping of items or things.
Let me see them shits.

by PhillyPhill April 11, 2009
Acronym for Sure Happy It's Tuesday (or Thursday)
Shit! I locked my keys in the car!
by MMS Dave March 02, 2008
1.Shit is a brown or green substance that is usally passed out of the arse, but some people talk alot of shit.

2.There are some people who enjoy the taste of shit for example if you go to www.2girls1cup.com you will find out.

3.Shit a way of describing the way in which someone smells or the eroma which they give off.

4. Simple insult.
1.I just had the biggest shit.

2.OMG dude have you seen those two girls eating shit on the internet SICK.

3.GOD man have a shawor your smell like shit.

4.Eat shit and die you shitting shiter
by okerjack350 January 07, 2008
a shit is brown and comes out of your bum.
i just shit my self.
by kyle hill August 21, 2006
Usually is a stronger word for crap, or it can be used to explain things that are screwed up.
Man, this is shit cuz it doesn't make sense and is freakin baloney.
by AdomC April 11, 2015
To have diarrhoea in a serious way. Derives from the latin shiticus meaning poo or excrement.
'Wheres Jimmy today?'

'Oh he's at home with the shits!'
by Frederico Schneidler February 25, 2006

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