A Large brown (sometimes light brown, green, red, yellow, or multi-colored; depending on what you ate.) piece of poop that comes out of your asshole.
Fuck that was the biggest shit i've ever taken.
by samantha olvilin smith johnson December 06, 2008
The thing that comes out of your ass at the most inconvenient of times and places.
Lo! mine asshole hath opened up! Look how a fiery torrent of shit doth rain forth from it! 'Twas a shameful mistake to have eaten beans the other night!
by nat s. March 18, 2008
slang, noun.
Term anti-tweekers use to refer to meth
Tweakers smoke shit out of a quag
by bobles December 31, 2007
Poop. Or can be used to represent something. or if used in "The Shit" then it may be used to represent somthing someone else likes or enjoys.
BItch you better drop dat shit! or stop givin me dat shit! or Eww, You forgot to flush your shit. or "That shit it da shit"
by NoWhiteFlagsNoMercy April 29, 2007
similar to calling fives on a seat. but you call shits so you can go drop a deuce and still have ur seat when u come back
Edwin: fuck dude i gotta take the browns to the super bowl if u know what i mean.
Tony: yea dude i totally know what u mean
Joy: oh man im totally taking ur seat, theres no way u get back in time for fives
Edwin: oh yea? SHITS!! pussy
by Sweet Edwin March 22, 2007
Something or a situation that is not desirable.
"I flunked my Spanish class, isn't that the shits!"
by x January 31, 2003
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